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Upstarts issue 1


Image of Upstarts issue 1

Created by: Kenny groom and Jose Johanna Jaro
Story by: Kenny Groom
Art by: Jose Johanna Jaro
Colors by: Dennis Lehmann
Genre: Action/Adventure/ Sci-Fi
When a city is attacked by a serial killing monster, a group of unlikely heroes step up to save the city and become inter-galactic celebrities.
 The city of Feeder’s End, 5253-a massive, sprawling metropolis built atop a giant, floating asteroid known as Babylon 313, the hub and heartbeat of “The Toob.”  There are no longer broadcast networks.  Users create their own shows, landing advertising and sponsorship within these channels based on the number of subscribers.  This new media network is simply known as “The Toob.”
            Enter Griffin, the genetic monstrosity called Pounder and the sensual, yet deadly Butters.   All three part of the not-so-elite unit known as the Unconventional Police, Search, and Rescue Team.  They do not solve crimes.  They do not detect, nor ask questions.  The UPSRT, or, “Upstarts,” eliminate the perpetrators of crime with extreme prejudice.  Victims caught in the crossfire are considered collateral damage and population control.  The difference between Griffin and his motley; violent band of law-enforcement is that his true goal is to become a star on The Toob.  There are billions of Toobcasters in the Galaxy, with billions more in subscribers.  Griffin has a grand total of two.
            This all changes when a routine patrol turns into an intergalactic hunt for a serial killing monstrosity that attacks Feeder’s End.  The trio decides to put their own vanities aside and step up to try to save the day. 
Well, it is unintentional, and against standard UPSRT protocol, but it makes them intergalactic celebrities…accidentally…